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Ex-rental Hi5 Campervan Fleet (2006 - 2010)

Travellers Autobarn has over 20 Toyota Hiace Commuters for sale! Our ex-rental Toyota Hi5 Campervans are amazingly reliable and are very well maintained mechanically. Toyota can take most of the credit but we do look after them very well, it pays to do so!

These 4-5 berth campervans give you a little extra space than our regular Hitop vans. So if you’re travelling as a group, a family with young kids, or would simply just like a little more room, these campervans are perfect for you.

If you are travelling with children, these campervans will be suitable for your family. The two seats in the back are fitted with anchor points to secure baby seats and you can have an additional booster seat in the front.

Fully equipped with a large fridge, microwave, sink, gas stove, and enough seats for up to 5 people, these campervans will make your trip around Australia one to remember.

Key Features

  • Larger than our regular Hitops
  • People who are planning to travel 6 to 12 month
  • Lots of savings on accommodation
  • Fully equipped with kitchen (incl. fridge)
  • Easy to sell at the end of your trip!

Toyota Hiace 4-5 Berth Campervan prices range from $15,000 to $25,000 depending upon condition and kilometres. Call us on 1800 674 374 for any questions you might have.

We even offer different delivery options:

  • Will refund the cost of airfare to our nearest branch for country buyers (up to max. $400)
  • Free delivery to most areas in Australia – outback & remote area delivery costs $1000

Travellers Autobarn offers Ex-Rental Hi5 Toyota Hiaces for sale between $15,000 to $25,000 and will include guaranteed buyback (UP TO 50%!!!!), road-side assistance, 2-week total warranty, 10,000KM/6 months engine & gearbox warranty, full mechanical service and most importantly, support from our staff!

Travellers Autobarn Car Sales Benefits

  • Nationwide Guaranteed Buyback: We offer a guaranteed buyback guarantee on the majority of our fleet
  • 3 Day 100% money back guarantee: We will refund the full value of the used vehicle in the first three days if there is any genuine and serious mechanical fault.
  • 2 week total warranty: We will rectify within reason any problem that arises within 14 days - all parts & labour will be supplied free. A claim limit applies - please see our Terms & Conditions for more information
  • 5,000 km/10,000 km Australia-wide engine and gearbox warranty: Inside 5,000 km's / 10,000 km's (depending on chosen model & agreement) of your trip, if the engine and gearbox needs replacing, Travellers Autobarn will organise & pay for the work to be done, wherever you are! A claim limit applies - please see our Terms & Conditions for more information
  • 10% discounts with caravan parks: We will provide you with a 6 month membership which will entitled you to 10% discount with caravan parks
  • Try & Buy scheme: Rent your desired vehicle for up to 14 days and then make a decision - we will even deduct the rental fee of the sales price.
  • TAB App: All the information you require to keep your vehicle running plus
  • Full mechanical inspection and service: All our vehicles are serviced by qualified mechanics and come with a government endorsed roadworthy certificate recognised across the country.
  • Registration & Registration Extension Solutions: We will help you with your vehicle registration and give you advice on the ideal vehicle registration length.
  • Guaranteed Title: You buy the car, you own the car...
  • Roadworthy Certificate: All vehicles undergo a thorough workshop inspection where they are prepared for the trip ahead.
  • Roadside assistance membership: Australia wide roadside assistance with a phone call. You can ring NRMA 24/7 and they will send someone out to your vehicle to assist you.
  • FREE CALL Aftersale 1800 supportith any matters about your vehicle. Our After sales team have the experience and knowledge to handle any situation.: 7 days a week (business hours) you can call, for free, and ask for advice or help with any matters about your vehicle. Our After sales team have the experience and knowledge to handle any situation.
  • Access to our network of trusted mechanics: Australia Wide over 500 mechanics.
  • Maps, Discounts & Camping Gear:
  • End of Trip Selling advice: We will assist you in selling your vehicle privately for a better price. The more you sell it for, the less the trip has cost you. You are further entitled to a gold membership on Cars 4 Backpackers

SPECIAL OFFER – Two Nights FREE Accommodation! 2 Nights Free hostel style accommodation and airport pick-up on arrival if you pay a deposit for a Sales vehicle before arrival!

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