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5 Tips from our mechanics – a few basic things you need to know about your car

Ready for your road trip? Bought your car? Australia, here you come… but not before reading some vital tips from our mechanics to ensure a safe trip.


An obvious one – but so often forgotten due to vehicle owners wanting to save money. A basic service will often cost you anywhere between $75 to $150 and will check the basic needs of each vehicle – oil, filters, tyres and so on. If you were to have a breakdown, towing and mechanical costs would outweigh the service costs greatly! Get a service regularly and don’t risk having to get towed!

Campervan breakdown


Check your battery before heading onto a long trip – most batteries have nowadays an indicator that will advise of the stage of the battery. A pair of jump starters are also quite useful to have for your trip.


For any Wagons – aim for 32 psi – for a Van/Campervan around 45 psi. Any inflatable tyre can lead to an explosion as well as using up more petrol!

Perth Western Australia


For all those out there planning to travel through the outback or during our hot summer – I am talking 35 degrees and higher – always have a spear radiator hose. These hoses explode quite quickly and will leave you stranded on the road. Depending on where you are – and if there is any indication that your vehicle might have overheated – DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR. Your car might require an oil change as some water might have leaked into the engine!


Depending on how much you drive, you should typically check all your oil/water on a weekly basis. Running out of oil & water is just so unnecessary and often requires a brand new engine… there goes the party money!

If you are after buying a car or some basic information feel free to contact Travellers Autobarn – your car rental & sales specialist 😉

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