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Vanlife D.I.Y. – How to build a bed/kitchenette in your campervan

Are you dreaming about a sweet little campervan with your own built in bed and kitchenette? Travellers Autobarn has been selling vehicles to backpackers for over 20 years and we are well known for our fit outs for our vans. Read this article for tips and tricks on decking our your vehicle and educate yourself on how to build the campervan of your dreams!

A couple laying in bed looking outside the campervan at the beach

The benefit of having your home on wheels around Australia are:

  • Very comfortable & mostly very spacious
  • You can sleep pretty much anywhere you want – in the city, close to the beach or in the national parks
  • No matter if heavy rains or wind – you will definitely stay dry
  • Hungry? Go ahead and cook a meal anywhere in Australia!
  • And yes, always high demand so easy to sell!
  • Mostly very fuel friendly compared to the Stationwagons & 4WDs.

If you are ever after buying a Van with your own bed & kitchenette please visit Travellers Autobarn – check out below written guidelines as well pictures on how to build our famous Slap N Tickle – you might even give it a go yourself

kitchenette in a campervan

Building a bed/kitchenette in your campervan

1. – Buy and stock up on materials (Wood, screws, brackets, etc.)

2. – Make sure that all equipment is in good and safe working order

3. – Have empty van without seats in the rear

4. – Measure Van (every Van is a bit different)

5. – Cut wood to required sizes

6. – Install bottom section (be careful when mounting the bottom to the chassis, that you do not drill into tanks or brake lines)

7. – Install Bedframe

8. – Install Bed boards (one piece needs to be fixed, otherwise it is unstable)

9. – Assemble Kitchen area

10. – Install kitchen area

11.  – Cut and install Sink + water supply

12.  – Test bed

13.  – Tidy everything up + cosmetic work

Thinking of buying your own vehicle to travel Australia? Check out our benefits and warranties.

We’ve got many more Buying and Selling Campervan and Car articles for you, come and explore.

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