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Best Campervan Trips Around Sydney

Sydney is by far the most popular destination in Australia – it is also the busiest city when it comes to “campervanners”. Everyone wants to pick-up a camper in Sydney and travel up or down the East Coast! So what are the best stops outside of Sydney? If you’re prepared to travel for a couple of hours, we recommend the following…




1. Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains are not to be missed and are one of the top spots to visit from Sydney, with breathtaking views, great hikes, awesome caves (Jenolan Caves) and plenty of other activities – this is one place that is not to be missed! Hint – should you plan to “campervan” during May to September bring plenty of clothes – it gets super cold at night!!!





2. Hunter Valley

Love wines? Well there is only one place to go – the Hunter Valley. Drive your campervan along the Central Coast and take a left – there you are. Don’t forget to find a campspot before going for an all day wine tasting tour!


hunter valley


3. Royal National Park

Less than an hour south from Sydney you find the wonderful Royal National Park. Hikes, kayaking, barbecuing, sun tanning – you have it all. Definitely visit Wattamollo which is a cove as well as a lagoon, it’s absolutely breathtaking! Watch out though, The Royal National Park gets really busy in the summer!

royal national park

4. Palm Beach

If you’re hooked on soap opera “Home & Away” Palm Beach doesn’t need an introduction! It offers beautiful beaches and great cafes, you might even spot a few celebrities! On the way stop at Whale Beach – another great place to visit in the area!


palm beach


5. Central Coast

Central coast is all about the beach… and then some more. It really is one of the best spots to enjoy the beautiful sea and sand that Australia has to offer. Starting in the south from Pearl Beach all the way up to the Entrance – you won’t get bored. This spot is not to be missed!


Panorama of Beach, 5, Pearl Beach, New South Wales, Australia

If you want to read more of our Sydney adventures, come and explore our dedicated Sydney Road Trip section. Happy Exploring!


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