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Bushfire & Road Trip Safety Information

At Travellers Autobarn all our hearts go out to the families and communities affected by bushfires in Australia. It has been a very sad time and it is time for all of us to come together and support our Australian communities.

We encourage all travellers visiting Australia to seek the most up-to-date information on their itinerary and understand which areas are affected and which are open for travel.


Map of current Australian fires – via

Given all the publicity in the media, we have spoken to many customers – both in Australia & overseas – and wish to provide some accurate information about travel around Australia:

Updated as at 29 January 2020

  • The fire emergency in Australia has been scaled down significantly and currently, the fires have been extinguished in almost all regions and are safe for travel.
  • Australia is a very safe place to travel to. The constant posting of images of a map of Australia where every single region of the country was on fire is inaccurate. Sadly these images are only injecting additional fear into everyone as most of these areas are not affected by bushfires at all.
  • Many parts of the east coast have experienced moderate to heavy rainfall over the past week, which brought great relief to many bushfire-affected areas.
  • If you are visiting Australia please do not be alarmed. All the main cities are perfectly safe and are not on fire as many people overseas are led to believe. Smoke haze has also eased up significantly, though please check up-to-date weather reports if smoke is an issue you might struggle with.
  • If you are considering a tour – via bus, tour guide or camper van – there are many areas very safe to travel:
    • New South Wales – The majority of the state is not impacted by fires and is safe for travel. Regions that were badly impacted are now mostly all open for travel and welcoming visitors. A trip north from Sydney to Brisbane or Cairns is perfectly fine and can be travelled as usual.
    • Victoria – the Great Ocean Road, or a trip to Adelaide are perfectly fine. These areas are not affected
    • Western Australia – the areas surrounding Perth are not impacted by the fires. You can still visit and enjoy all of Western Australia as normal.
    • Queensland – All of Queensland is safe to travel and is not impacted by fires
    • Northern Territory – Not impacted by fires. You can visit the Top End and the Red Centre as normal.

Tourism Australia has provided an excellent tool that shows you how each area is affected. Learn more about which areas are impacted and stay up to date on travel conditions here.

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Tourism will play a big role in helping bushfire affected communities get back on their feet and Tourism Australia will provide support to regions to welcome visitors back when they are ready. Whilst these resilient communities work hard to achieve this, thousands of small businesses that rely on the tourism industry are still operating across the country and need your continued support. We know people from around the world rely on accurate information from our social media platforms and we will continue to highlight the incredible experiences that are open across the country. You can find updates on how bushfires are affecting some regions in Australia on our website at

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Australia lives from its tourism, its wildlife, its communities – and we all need your help to restore and rebuild our beautiful country. One of the best ways to do so is to travel through Australia – share your amazing holiday photos – and show there is more to Australia than just bushfires at the moment. While you are at it, please donate on the way. It will go a long to help those affected communities and wildlife. We recommend the following donation platforms:

  • Red Cross – Tourism industry fundraiser. Help us raise funds which will go directly to helping the affected communities rebuild (Travellers Autobarn have so far pledged over $1,000)
  • WIRES – Wildlife rescue service in NSW
  • CFA – Victoria’s Country Fire Association

Australia is on everyone’s bucket list, so visit us, have an amazing time, share your adventure with everyone, and help us rebuild the incredible image of Australia!

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