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Travellers Autobarn opened in Sydney in late 1993, at a time when there were already a number of dealers selling cars to backpackers. However, these businesses were car dealerships first and foremost, and did not really understand the needs of travellers. From the outset, Travellers Autobarn focused entirely on these special needs. As ex-backpackers, all of us decided to provide the kind of service we would expect ourselves. What you see today is the result. None of the car dealers that were selling to backpackers in 1993 still exist today!

All our branches are in the heart of backpacker areas and since 1993 we have opened several locations around Australia.

  • Sydney in 1993
  • Cairns in 1999
  • Brisbane & Melbourne in 2002
  • Darwin & Perth in 2005

We are also proud to announce that we have opened two branches in New Zealand too.

  • Christchurch in 2016
  • Auckland in 2016

Travellers Autobarn knows Australia inside out – it’s our home! We also know cars and love our job. Basically, the idea of travelling around Australia by bus is simply out of the question. For most Aussies, not just the adventurous ones, but students, families and retirees, the only way to see Australia is by car.

Whether you want a car for a week, a month, or a year, Travellers Autobarn has something for you! We have taken much of the risk (for backpackers) out of buying good value cars. We have also restored confidence in the buyback system with our fixed and written Guaranteed Buyback –


Travellers Autobarn has made quality campervan rental affordable to all travellers and has a range of vehicles available for rent with free 24hr roadside assistance and access to free campgrounds. We invite you to spend some time browsing our site. We have tried to provide everything you need to plan the Aussie holiday of a lifetime! Check out our Campervan Rental & Car Hire as well as our Car Sales & Campervan Sales pages.


September: Aussie Outback Travel Code welcomed by Travellers Autobarn


February: Travellers Autobarn Launches in the USA


April: Travellers Autobarn opens operations in New Zealand


November: Travellers Autobarn 20th anniversary celebration

October: Travellers Autobarn launches brand new 2013 2-berth campervan rental models


May: Travellers Autobarn enters strategic alliance with US campervan company


December: Travellers Autobarn launches new family/4-5 berth campervan

September: Reopening of the car market in the Kings Cross


December: Travellers Autobarn wins the Golden Backpack 2010

August: Travellers Autobarn launches new campervan fleet

June: Travellers Autobarn honoured with Asia Pacific Regional Award

April: Travellers Autobarn launches backpacker car & campervan sales website – Cars 4 Backpackers

March: Travellers Autobarn supports Macro stands against poverty


December: The Kings Cross Carmarket – RIP

November: Golden Backpack Finalist 2009

September: Travellers Autobarn offer opportunity to under 21s

August: Travellers Autobarn: “The Ultimate Car Get Away”

June: Travellers Autobarn enters the New Zealand market

May: Van-Tastic adventure for Travellers from “Travellers Autobarn”


Travellers Autobarn Wins Golden Backpacks “Best National Transport Company” for Second Year Running

How to avoid Break-Inns in your campervan


Chubby Camper Van Launch


Media Contact:

Bastian Graf,  Marketing Manager

1800 674 374

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  • communications between you and us; 
  • transactional information about your use of our products and services; and
    if you are applying for a position, we will collect information as outlined in the section below titled “Employment Applications”. 
  • by our security surveillance cameras 
  • by electronic systems such as applications 
  • vehicle tracking through global positioning system and telematics to monitor the location, usage and servicing of your vehicle, including your speed, time, fuel consumption, distances travelled, locations visited.

The lawful basis under which we collect and process the personal information above is Legitimate Interests.

For all online transactions involving personal details we use a secure SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) to protect this information. This encryption technology ensures that your details cannot be viewed or intercepted by third parties during the transfer process, making it even safer than making a booking over the phone.

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  • confirming your identity when you check in; 
  • processing and considering your employment application (refer to “Employment Application” section below); 
  • addressing any feedback or complaints you may have; 
  • assisting Customs and Immigration officials; 
  • answering any queries you may have; 
  • improving the quality of the services we offer, and to better understand customers’ needs by requesting feedback, or reviews of the services provided, or sending survey forms; 
  • understanding the scale of the customer base; for statistical analysis and market research; 
  • any purposes for which it was requested and directly related purposes, and developing, improving and marketing our products and services; 
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If you do not provide us with your personal information, we will be unable to do one or more of the above (including being unable to accept any bookings/orders).

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Employment Applications 

Generally, the type of personal information we collect about you is the information included in your application, for example, your name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, career history, education details or other information relating to your career. 

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We collect personal information for any one or more of the following purposes: 

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If you do not provide us with the information we seek, we will be unable to do one or more of the above.

We may disclose your personal information to: 

  • organisations that conduct competency or psychometric tests; 
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How long will Travellers Autobarn keep your Personal Data? 

We will keep your personal data only for as long as required to achieve the purposes for which it was collected, in line with this privacy notice.

The following criteria are what determine the period for which we will keep your personal data: 

  • Until we are no longer required to do so to comply with regulatory requirements or financial obligations. 
  • Until we are no longer required to do so by any law we are subject to. 
  • Until all purposes for which the data was originally gathered have become irrelevant or obsolete.

Your Rights, Our Responsibility 

There are several rights granted to you immediately upon providing us with your personal information; some of these are mentioned above. We’d like you to know that at Travellers Autobarn we take your rights seriously and will always conduct ourselves in a way that is considerate of our responsibility to serve your legal rights. 

The Right of Access 

This grants you the right to confirm whether or not your personal data is being processed, and to be provided with relevant details of what those processing operations are and what personal data of yours is being processed. 

If you would like access to the personal data we have about you, we ask that you contact us using the details below.

The Right to Rectification 

If you notice that the data we have about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you may request we rectify the mistake. We will make every effort to respond to requests of this type immediately.

The Right to Erasure 

Otherwise known as the ‘right to be forgotten’, this given you the right to request your personal data be deleted. 

This is not an absolute right; if you were to request that we erase your personal data, we would erase as much of that data as we could but may have to retain some information if it is necessary. 

Were we have received a request for personal data to be erased, if it is necessary for us to retain some of that information we shall ensure that the remaining data is used only when and where it is absolutely necessary.

The Right to Objection 

The right to object is a basic freedom all democracies enjoy. If you wish to object to the way we use, or have used, your personal data you may do so freely.

The Right to Complain 

We will always try to maintain the highest standards and encourage the confidence our customers have in us as an organisation. To achieve this, we request that any complaints be first brought to our attention so we can properly investigate matters. If you would like to complain about Travellers Autobarn to a regulatory body, you may do so by contacting your local data protection supervisory authority.

Updates to Privacy Policy 

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time. If we do so, we will post the amended Privacy Policy on our website (mentioned above) so that you will always be aware of how we manage your personal information.

Further information 

Please contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any queries about the personal information that we hold about you or the way we handle that personal information. 

Travellers Autobarn Contact Details 


Phone   +61 (0)2 8323 1555 

Fax        +61 (0)2 9316 9257 

Post       PO Box 6112, Alexandria, NSW, 2015 


Who is the Travellers Autobarn Data Protection Officer? 

Ametros Group Ltd 

Lakeside Offices, Thorn Business Park 

Rotherwas Industrial Estate 




HR2 6JT 

+44 (0)330 223 2246 



Who is the Travellers Autobarn EU Representative? 

Ametros Ltd 

Lakeside Offices, Thorn Business Park, Hereford, England, HR2 6JT 

+44 (0)330 223 2246 


Who is the Travellers Autobarn UK Representative? 

Ametros Group Ltd 

Lakeside Offices, Thorn Business Park 

Rotherwas Industrial Estate 




HR2 6JT 

These Terms and Conditions are designed to be as simple as possible, while at the same time clear and comprehensive enough to avoid misunderstandings and future disputes. Travellers Auto Barn’s system was developed over many years of listening to our customer’s needs and concerns. If you understand the system and use it to your advantage you will be very pleased you chose to buy your vehicle at Travellers Auto Barn.

Trading Hours
Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane,
Cairns, Perth, Darwin
Monday to Friday0900 – 18000900 – 1700
Saturday0900 – 18000900 – 1300
Sunday & Public Holiday*1030 – 1500Closed

*Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, and Good Friday – Sydney Branch is Closed

This document contains the Terms & Conditions for your purchased vehicle, and forms a contract between yourself (the owner) and Travellers Auto Barn. Both parties are legally bound by the content within this document. You are obliged to read this document thoroughly and ask for clarification of any points you do not understand. Thank you.


Payment can be made by cash, traveller’s cheque, bank cheque or direct deposit, all in AUD. Credit card payment is also accepted. All terms are negotiated as a cash price and payment by any credit card will incur a 2% surcharge. Payment of the deposit will not incur the surcharge however if the balance or any part of the balance is made by credit card the fee will be incurred and calculated on the total amount, including the deposit, paid by credit card.

3 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Travellers Auto Barn will refund 100% of the vehicle’s price in the first three days if there is a serious mechanical issue with your purchase. Before a 100% refund will be authourised the vehicle will be checked by our mechanics and you must allow Travellers Auto Barn the opportunity to rectify the problem before a refund can be granted. If the problem cannot be rectified, we will offer you the choice of an alternative vehicle or a full refund. We do not offer full refunds to those people without genuine mechanical concerns. We will not offer refunds to people who have changed their mind about buying a car, met up with friends who have a car, decided to catch a bus, bought another car, think they can no longer afford the fuel costs, decide the car is too big, too small, too red, too blue, too fast, too slow, or for personal reasons.

The car must be returned to Travellers Auto Barn within 3 days from the date of purchase. Refunds cannot be authourised on weekends. If your 3 day period expires on a weekend return the vehicle on the third day, and call Travellers Auto Barn before 10.00am Monday morning to arrange repair or a refund. You will be liable for any repairs needed to return the vehicle to the condition in which you received it. If you are eligible for a refund you will also receive a full refund on any insurance purchased. If you have paid by credit card you will not receive a refund of the 2% credit fee.

2 Week TOTAL Warranty

Travellers Auto Barn will rectify within reason any problem that arises during your first 14 days. All parts and labour will be supplied free up to the claim limit (please refer to Claim Limit below). The vehicle must be returned to the Travellers Auto Barn branch where the vehicle was purchased within 14 days of the date of sale. It is STRONGLY ADVISED that you stay within a 50 km radius of the TAB branch where you purchased the car until you are completely satisfied, or 14 days has expired. If you are within the 50 km radius and require a tow Travellers Auto Barn will pay the towing charges. Outside the 50 km radius you will be responsible for all towing charges.

This warranty does not apply to the LPG System of vehicles that run on LPG. In the case of 4WD’s this warranty does not extend to Engine & Gearbox Cover. Excludes work required due to damage, misuse, abuse or neglect of the vehicle since the date of sale. We do not pay for repairs within the first two weeks if you cannot return the vehicle to a TAB branch. If you are unable or unwilling to return the vehicle to a TAB
branch you are not eligible for this warranty. We do not offer compensation by way of accommodation or alternative vehicles whilst the work is being completed. Travellers Auto Barn will not be responsible or make any repairs for claims submitted under this warranty after the 14 day period has expired.

Claim Limit: All vehicles, no matter what make, model, year, type etc are limited to claim up to $1000 in total (e.g. one claim totalling $1000 or multiple claims totalling $1000) on items covered by Travellers Auto Barn Warranties.

Australian Warranty Network (AWN) Mechanical Breakdown Warranty – Advantage Value 12 months / Unlimited Kilometres

Please refer to the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement for more information regarding this product. Please refer all correspondence regarding this product to Australian Warranty Network, contact details can be found in your Combined FSG and PDS booklet.

Travellers Auto Barn – 5,000 Km / 3 month Australia Wide Engine & Gearbox Warranty

Does not apply if you are covered by any other warranty or breakdown insurance, specifically AWN mechanical breakdown warranty Period of cover – Travellers Auto Barn’s responsibility and liability ceases once the vehicle has travelled 5,000km, or once 90 days (whichever occurs first) has passed, since the date of sale. In the event
that you cannot prove the exact distance travelled due to a faulty odometer or for any other reason the validity of the claim will be at the sole discretion of Travellers Auto Barn.

Limit of Liability – The warranty covers the reasonable cost of repairs only and does not extend to any costs incurred in reconditioning or improving the vehicle or part thereof to a condition superior to that at the time of the sale.

5000 Km / 3 month Australia Wide Engine & Gearbox Warranty

Period of cover – Travellers Auto Barn’s responsibility and liability ceases once the vehicle has travelled 5,000km, or once 90 days (whichever occurs first) has passed, since the date of sale. In the event that you cannot prove the exact distance travelled due to a faulty odometer or for any other reason the validity of the claim will be at the sole discretion of Travellers Auto Barn.

Limit of Liability – The warranty covers the reasonable cost of repairs only and does not extend to any costs incurred in reconditioning or improving the vehicle or part thereof to a condition superior to that at the time of the sale.

Engine & Transmission Claim Limit:

o All vehicles, no matter what make, model, year, type etc are limited to a claim limit of $1000 in total (e.g. one claim totaling $1000 or multiple claims totaling $1000)

Vehicles with a purchase price in excess of $15,000 are not covered under this warranty. Warranties on vehicles in excess of $15,000 must be negotiated individually at the time of sale. 4WD’s are specifically excluded under this warranty, unless the driver(s) has in conjunction with TAB successfully completed a TAB recognized 4WD Driver Training Course within 3 days of taking possession of the vehicle.

Components Covered
Engine; – Mechanical components contained within the cylinder head and block, camshaft, cam followers, push rods, rockers, rocker shafts, timing gears, sprockets, piston and piston rings, gudgeon pins, connecting rods, crankshaft, balance shafts, oil pump, oil pump drive
mechanism, distributor drive shaft or gear, timing belts or chains.
Transmissions: Manual; – Mechanical parts contained within the gearbox, i.e.; gears, shafts, bearings and bushes, synchro hub and selectors, clutch.
Transmission: Automatic; Mechanical parts contained within the casing i.e.; gears, torque converter, oil pump, shafts and bearings, valve block and govenor bands.

Specific Exclusions: Head gaskets, oil leaks, burnt or pitted valves, electrolysis, service items such as replacement oils, filters, fluids, coolant, plugs, points, fuel pump, distributor, water pump, cooling fan, viscous hubs, welsh (core) plugs.

General Exclusions: This warranty does not cover repair or replacement of the following
1.) Items required by way of normal servicing and maintenance.
2.) Items damaged as a result of misuse, abuse or neglect of the vehicle.
3.) Damage as a result of the continued operation of the vehicle after a defect has occurred.
4.) Items fitted or repaired after the sale of the vehicle other than those repairs effected by Travellers Auto Barn at one of its branches.
5.) Items damaged as a result of fire, flood, hail, theft, or deliberate act.
6.) Problems resulting from racing, rallying unsealed roads, or overloading of the vehicle.

NOTE: Travellers Auto Barn shall not be liable or held responsible for any damage occurring from overheating or lack of oil or water, so please maintain your vehicle.

Claims Procedure

Call Travellers Auto Barn on FREECALL 1800 674 374, select option 4, and have your vehicle registration number ready. Travellers Auto Barn will not be responsible, liable, or make any payment for repairs commenced or incurred without the company’s prior authourisation. It is recommended you request a work order number from Travellers
Auto Barn. Travellers Auto Barn reserves the right to direct the vehicle to it’s preferred repairer. All repairs must be performed by a licensed motor vehicle mechanic in a workshop approved by Travellers Auto Barn. Authorization is dependant upon a check that your particular claim is valid. An independent inspection of the vehicle may be ordered by Travellers Auto Barn to check the validity of the claim. If the claim is valid Travellers Auto Barn will, at its discretion, arrange for or give approval for an approved repairer to repair the vehicle.

Additional Conditions

This is a mechanical breakdown warranty for used vehicles, therefore a part may be worn but still quite safe and serviceable. No reimbursement shall be sought or given for work commenced without Travellers Auto Barn’s approval. Travellers Auto Barn shall not be liable or responsible for any damage occurring if the vehicle is left unattended or being towed. Travellers Auto Barn shall not be held responsible for any delays due to lack of supplies of parts or any materials needed to complete any work undertaken. The warranty is not transferable to another person or vehicle.


We cannot stress enough the risks of continued driving if your car begins to overheat, or if it has a known cooling system problem of any kind. If your temperature gauge moves in a direction that is a departure from normal, stop immediately, investigate, call for roadside assistance 131111 and call Travellers Auto Barn on 1800 674 374 ext 4. Do NOT wait for it to cool and drive again as you may cause further catastrophic damage to your engine, for which you WILL be held liable. Driving with an inoperative temperature gauge voids all insurance coverage and may result in the hirer being held liable if overheating occurs.


The hirer/driver is responsible to check, at least daily and maintain all fluid levels and must immediately rectify and report to the Sydney office on 1800 674 374 any defect of which you become aware however slight.? Topping up a vehicle that is losing water somehow is not rectifying the problem. Rectification means a fit and proper diagnosis and repair. Travellers Auto Barn cannot stress enough your responsibility in this regard. Continued operation of the vehicle after a defect has occurred may lead to serious consequential damage to the engine for which you will be held responsible.

Traffic Infringements

A $50 administration fee will apply to each Traffic Infringements received by Travellers Auto Barn resulting from the rental and will be automatically deducted from your bond.

Transfer of Registration

The vehicle papers you receive from Travellers Auto Barn (FORM 8’s) are valid proof of ownership, and will allow you to on-sell the car to any person in any state. It is your responsibility as the new owner to take the Form 8’s the NSW Motor Registry (RTA) to pay your Stamp Duty (3%) and Transfer Fee ($40) within 14 days of the date of sale. If you fail to pay these taxes within the 14 day period you will be charged a $70 late fee if you decide to pay. If you are stopped by the Police and asked for proof of ownership the Form 8’s prove that you are the legal owner of the car. If you sell the car before you decide to pay these taxes the new owner will not be responsible for the payment of your taxes. If you intend to extend your registration at any stage during your travels you will be required to pay the tax before being permitted to extend your registration.

The vehicle papers you receive from Travellers Auto Barn are valid proof of purchase and will allow you to on-sell the vehicle to any person in any state. It is the dealer’s responsibility to affect the transfer. The customer is required to bear the cost of the Victorian registration which is $27.50 transfer fee plus $8 per every $200 of the sales price for stamp duty. The cost of transferring the vehicle into your name is not included in the sale price.

The vehicle papers you receive from Travellers Auto Barn are valid proof of purchase and will allow you to on-sell the vehicle to any person in any state.


Vehicles will only be accepted for Buyback between 9:00am to 12:00 noon Monday to Friday. Please read the Terms and Conditions on the back of your Guaranteed Buyback Form for more important buyback information.


Once a deposit is placed on a vehicle with any Licensed Motor Dealer you are legally bound to purchase that vehicle and payment in full is expected. You are not legally entitled to a refund of the deposit. Travellers Auto Barn will never demand full payment if you decide after placing a deposit that you no longer wish to purchase the car. However, Travellers Auto Barn will only refund deposits in exceptional circumstances and entirely at its discretion.


NRMA road service is provided under the Travellers Auto Barn Fleet Membership. The vehicle is covered and Travellers Auto Barn remains the member under the membership name of Periloo Pty Ltd. Please refer to your Travellers Auto Barn NRMA / Phonecard for Membership details. Do not quote your own name when requesting road service, as they will not recognise you as the member. The coverage provided is Standard; please refer to the NRMA for details of membership benefits, services and coverage.


Once a deposit has been received by Travellers Auto Barn for a vehicle purchased over the inetrnet, you have committed to purchasing a vehicle from Travellers Auto Barn and are therefore covered by the standard terms and conditions outlined above. Travellers Auto Barn will either show you a vehicle description of this vehicle prior to committing to a deposit, or agree/commit to purchasing a vehicle as per your specifications. Once the deposit is received the vehicle is considered SOLD. If you decide upon arrival that you don’t want, like, need the vehicle for whatever reason, Travellers Auto Barn will try to accommodate you with an alternate vehicle, but responsibilitywith respect to refund is limited to the terms and conditions outlined above.

Risk / Disclaimer

You, the purchaser acknowledge that you are buying a used motor vehicle and that whilst every effort is made to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle, problems can arise that are related to the age and value of the vehicle. Regardless of the warranties and service
offered, it remains the responsibility of the purchaser to exercise due diligence in the purchase of any motor vehicle. effective January 12, 2005

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