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Speak with an Aussie and they will complain no-end about the recent increase in Fuel prices. What most Aussie’s don’t know, is that the price of fuel in Europe is almost double in any case, so despite these increases, driving still remains a relatively cheap travel option for European backpackers.

Towards the end of 2004, fuel prices in Sydney averaged around 0.91cents per litre. However since fuel prices in Sydney have risen dramatically and have been seen anywhere between the $1.30 per litre to as high as $1.59 per litre.

Besides worldwide oil prices, there are 2 other factors which determine local fuel prices in Australia. They are:

– As Australia is so large and vast, it is logistically hard to supply certain regional areas with fuel, therefore increasing its cost to bring it to the pump
– Each state has differing taxation policies which sees a variety of additional costs added to the cost price

The best tip we can give you is to collect FUEL VOUCHERS – if you do your shopping in a Coles or Woolworth supermarket and spend over $30 they often supply you with discount voucher such as 4 or 8 cents of each litre – very handy. This of course depends on different states and you will need to use these vouchers at dedicated Coles and Woolworth petrol stations.

Please see links below on FUEL WATCH style websites. They provide daily information on current fuel prices around Australia.

1542 km
958 mi
Alice Springs
2063 km
1282 mi
3012 km
4288 km
2664 mi
2746 km
1706 mi
4560 km
2833 mi
3143 km
1953 mi
2324 km
1444 mi
1717 km
1067 mi
3962 km
2461 mi
3053 km
1897 mi
1511 km
934 mi
2122 mi
1865 km
1159 mi
2727 km
1694 mi
728 km
452 mi
2270 km
1674 km
1040 mi
5016 km
3117 mi
3054 km
1898 mi
3781 km
2349 mi
2724 km
1693 mi
3630 km
2256 mi
4384 km
2724 mi
2250 km
1398 mi
5954 km
3700 km
4045 km
2513 mi
3452 km
2145 mi
1420 km
882 mi
2644 km
1642 mi
996 km
619 mi
5234 km
3252 mi
2564 km
1582 mi
4000 km
2485 mi
868 km
539 mi
4144 km
2575 mi

A guide to distances between Australian cities


Road Trip Fuel Price Calculator

Calculate approximately what your journey is going to cost you in fuel.

How to use?

Step 1: Get a price estimate from one of the above websites
Step 2. Calculate the approximate length of your trip from the table above
Step 3: Select the type of vehicle you plan to drive in
Step 4: Click the button to calculate

Note: these website list prices in Cents per Litre, please convert to Dollars per Litre for this calculator

Please note: The above calculation can only be used as a guide to cost, as all vehicles have different levels of fuel consumption, and you don’t generally drive point to point as the distance table above depicts.

NRMA (National Roads & Motorists Association)

NrmaThe NRMA is the New South Wales Automobile Association. Membership is included FREE with every vehicle from Travellers Autobarn. Membership entitles you to 24-hour roadside assistance Australia-wide, in case of breakdown. The Association also provides FREE MAPS for the entire continent, as well as advice on road conditions in more remote areas of Australia.

Pinkslips & Roadworthy Certificates

Cars registered in NSW must pass an annual roadworthy test, if the car passed safe it will get a Pinkslip. When buying a car it would be good to see a pinkslip. However, if you are buying privately the owner is under no obligation to supply a pinkslip. Car dealers such as Traveller Autobarn provide a pinkslip with EVERY car.

Bear in mind a pinkslip is a safety test and gives you no indication of the fitness of the engine or other systems to handle a trip around Australia. Pinkslips are a NSW requirement. Other states have different systems and some states have no inspection requirements at all.

Pinkslips facts:

  • Cost $35.70
  • Available at most garages
  • Valid for 42 days
  • Test things like tyres, rust, steering, brakes, etc
  • The only time you must have a pinkslip is if your NSW car needs registering
  • In NSW the RTA will not register your car for another year unless it has a pinkslip.

A car can pass the pinkslip brake test but still need new brake linings a week later. Basically do not put too much faith in a pinkslip. The safest way of satisfying your mechanical questions is a PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION.

Please be aware that each Australia state has different regulations when it comes to Roadworthy Certificates – for more information we advise you to visit any of our branches or call us on 1800 674 374

Have you thought about working in Australia during your travels?

Australia is blessed with a solid economy and is always looking for workers. From picking fruit to preparing tax returns, Australia has many many jobs for  people on working holiday visa’s.

We have listed a few companies below that help you set yourself up to have a great working holiday experience in Australia.

First Step…get yourself a visa!!!!

Visacorp: Our motto is “Immigration made Easy.” And our clients all agree that engaging experienced professionals was the best thing they ever did. So who are our clients?

  • Working Holiday Makers who wish to stay in Australia
  • Skilled people who wish to migrate permanently to Australia
  • People who wish to work in Australia temporarily Successfully organise over 30,000 visas a year into Australia; including Working Holidays, 457 Sponsorships & Permanent Residence. Free Migration Assessment and our Price Promise ensure you are not overcharged fees. We are Mara registered and have 10 years experience to ensure you get your visa. See

Apply online for an Australian Working Holiday Visa and get your visa printed in your passport when you arrive, it’s quick and easy!

Before you can start work in Australia you’ll need to register with the Australian Taxation Office to obtain a Tax File Number (TFN).

And if all that is too hard…………………… try Oz Intro.

OzIntro is all about having fun, making friends and having no worries!!

They help you with everything you need to get going so you can relax and enjoy your travelling experience. They sort your visa, accommodation, will open an Australian bank account for you, and can even help you find a job. You don’t need to worry about a thing!

Plus, they give you a brilliant first week in Sydney with some fantastic tours and trips.
And travelling as part of a group, you’ll share the adventure with new friends.

It’s a truly unique experience, that’s flexible and totally unforgettable.

Check out

Travellers Contact Point specialises in serving the needs of independent and working holiday travellers, just like you. They have stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK where you can book your travel, find a job, locate accommodation, check your email and loads more.


They also hold training courses under the sub brand of the Training Course Professionals (TCP). They are located in the heart of Sydney City and service the needs of the Hospitality and Construction Industries by offering the following 1-day courses:

  • Responsible service of alcohol
  • Bar skills
  • Responsible service of gaming
  • Food and beverage services
  • Barista services
  • Occupational health and safety for construction

Courses operate daily Monday through to Saturday and include a night course on Thursdays. See the latest course schedule. All certificates are issued the same day as you successfully complete any course!

If you are looking for a job in hospitality, go to for a job in hospitality anywhere in Australia.

Are you owed a Tax Refund?

There could be loads of cash waiting for you! Have you worked in a country outside your homeland and paid tax? You are most probably due a tax refund. Go to TAXBACK to calculate your return.


tax back


Volunteer Work

Conservation Volunteers Australia is an excellent organisation which places people into a structured volunteer environment, working on environmental projects all over Australia. Meet some fellow ‘earth lovers’ and feel good about your contribution to this wonderful planet.


We want you to enjoy your roadtrip as much as possible and with minimal hassle, so we have compiled a list of the best Hostels & Caravan Parks in Australia.

Everywhere Hostels & Backpackers:

Melbourne Hostels & Backpackers:

Sydney Hostels & Backpackers:

Brisbane Hostels & Backpackers:

Cairns Hostels & Backpackers:

Darwin Hostels & Backpackers:

Perth Hostels & Backpackers:

Cool Caravan Parks


World Nomads Travel Insurance. Simple & Flexible.

Travel Insurance for independent travellers. Nobody wants to think about all the things that might go wrong on their trip, but these things can and do happen.

World Nomads Travel insurance has been designed by travellers to cover everything you need. We make sure you’re covered, even if you run out of travel insurance on the road. We don’t just keep you insured, with us you’ll travel smarter and safer.

What We Cover

You need medical help for sudden illness or injury.Cover emergency overseas medical treatment including treatment in a clinic or hospital, plus medicines and physiotherapy as prescribed by your treating Doctor to get you well and keep you travelling.
You need emergency medical evacuation for sudden illness or injury.Cover your transport to the nearest, appropriate medical facility, which also includes your medical repatriation for further treatment at home. Plus it includes, reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses for a friend or relative to accompany you while you’re in hospital and/or during repatriation.
You have to cancel your trip due to unforeseeable events outside of your control.Covers the costs to cancel all or part of your trip including other pre-booked expenses in specific circumstances including a sudden illness or serious injury or natural disasters.
Your gear is stolen or damaged whilst travelling.Cover theft or accidental damage of your gear such as iPads, laptops and digital cameras in specific incidents up to individual item limits.

Exact benefits vary depending on your Country.
So for full details of what we cover, please get a quote.

Adventure Travel Cover

World Nomads travel insurance for adventure activities – all the things you love to do when you travel.

We have different levels of cover available for the adventurous souls looking to get their heart pumping on their adventure.

Travel Insurance Claims

Over the past 10 plus years, we have seen just about every type of travel insurance claim there is. Best of all you can claim online while you’re still travelling.

Shattered arm in Argentina

I fell off a roof in Argentina and shattered my arm. Waking up in a local hospital was terrifying. I can’t imagine navigating that experience without World Nomads.

– JH (Argentina)

Shark bite in Bali

Whilst surfing in Bali, Indonesia I was attacked by a two metre Bull Shark. The bite to my right forearm had severed five tendons and most of the muscle. World Nomads travel insurance covered the costs of my medical bills up front.

– JF (Indonesia)

Gear cover for the digital nomad

World Nomads travel insurance doesn’t just cover your adventure activities, but as digital nomads ourselves, we know how important it is to have cover for your tech gear as well.

Travel Insurance for Cameras

Because we love travel photography, we understand cover for all your photography gear.




iPad & iPhone

iPhones & iPads


Laptops & Notebooks

Travel Insurance Quicklinks

Coming to Australia and planning to buy a vehicle? You will also need to start planning your backpacker car insurance.  We highly recommend you to take out third party compulsory insurance (TPPI) for a trouble free holiday around Australia…Third Party Property Insurance covers you against liability for damage your car might cause to other people’s property, usually the other car in an accident. It is strongly recommended that you take Third Party Property Insurance when you buy a car.

Compulsory Insurance (CTP)

The minimum insurance required by law is included under the registration of all vehicles in Australia. This is the Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury (CTP Greenslip) insurance. Vehicles cannot be registered without this certificate, so every car with a current registration sticker has this insurance

CTP insurance covers everyone involved in a motor vehicle accident, except the driver who caused the accident, for medical and disability costs that result from the accident. We at Travellers Autobarn strongly suggest that everyone travelling to Australia take out his or her own travel/health insurance.

Third Party Property Insurance

It is not required to have any other type of insurance in Australia. However, you may also wish to purchase Third Party Property Damage Insurance that will cover you against costs for damages your car might cause to other people’s property, usually the other car in an accident. We strongly recommend that you take this Third Party Property Insurance when you buy a car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is available to Non-Residents via the Banks in Australia. Contact one of the big 4 Banks – Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth or NAB – for a quote

Travel Insurance

We recommend our friends at World Nomads for travel insurance. Click here to go to their site and buy piece of mind.

You can buy, extend and claim online from anywhere in the world, 24/7, even if you’ve already left home! Recommended by Lonely Planet, World Nomads travel insurance is designed for adventurous independent travellers and covers overseas medical, evacuation, luggage and property such as iPods and digital cameras.

Thinking of buying privately? Looking for a pre-purchase inspection? Need any repairs on your vehicle?

Travellers Autobarn recommends the Kings Cross Garage – the Kings Cross Garage is a backpacker friendly mechanic in Sydney who offer pink slips, pre-pruchase inspections, minor & major services, all sorts of repairs & camping fit-outs. It has been established and serving backpackers for over 15 years.

They specialize in campervans and 4WD and offer a reliable, affordable service. All mechanics are fully qualified and will provide you with a free quotation before any work commences – they also speak German. The Kings Cross Garage offers free of charge advice & quotes for any requests/repairs such as:

  • All vehicle servicing. Every make – Every model.
  • All mechanical repairs
  • Roadworthy inspections (Pink Slip.)
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Electric installations & repairs (Including MP3 radios)
  • All tyre and battery servicing
  • Windscreen and window repairs
  • Minor panel and paint repairs
  • Camping fit outs and repairs
  • Air-conditioning servicing

To contact the Kings Cross Garage please call Dave @ 02 8323 1516 and ask for an appointment (Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm).

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