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Cairns Road Trips

Welcome to Cairns – where the rainforest meets the reef! Cairns is a great spot for a pick-up location for a campervan rental or car hire in Australia.

Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and gorgeous tropical North Queensland. Whether you’re heading north to Port Douglas and beyond, or south to Mission Beach and beyond, our Cairns location offers a good starting point for all travellers.


Cairns Road Trip



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Travelling the coast of Queensland is an epic experience! See Kyrstie’s video travelling in a stationwagon from Cairns to Brisbane.

“At first we weren’t sure about going with a station wagon but in the end, we were very happy that we did. Why? Well, travelling in Queensland in February can be quite hot, especially as you go north. With the station wagon we had the flexibility of sleeping where we felt most comfortable with the temperature that day.”

Have you been dreaming about a perfect road trip with friends? Imagine rounding up four of your best mates, hiring a campervan and hitting the open roads in Australia!

Nicole and her friends hired a Hi5 Campervan from Travellers Autobarn in Cairns and travelled down the east coast of Queensland and New South Wales during their perfect summer road trip. Stopping at places such as the Gold Coast and Harvey Bay, they visited dozens of beautiful beaches and fun destinations.

Travelling Australia is a bucket list goal that many of us have. But travelling Australia in a campervan? That is the ultimate dream!

You can sleep with the sound of the rainforest. Wake up to watch the sunrise on the beach. Watch the incredible thunderstorms. Climb mountains outside your door. Get creative with cooking. Take a surf trip to the beach. Chase waterfalls. Make friends with fellow travellers. Create the best road trip playlist. Hunt for the best beach in the world. Camp with the wildlife. Explore new cities. And make memories that will last a lifetime…

Are you a blogger, influencer, or content creator? We are always looking for the next talent who can describe in their own words – or via photos and videos – the campervan road trip experience across Australia. Customers simply tell the road trip adventure so much better than we ever could do.

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