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Free Campgrounds all around Australia

Travellers Autobarn provides you with several options to reduce your spending when it comes to selecting campgrounds during your campervan hire in Australia


All customers will receive on pick-up a booklet that will highlight free campgrounds all around Australia – meaning instead savings for you – and there are many around Australia. These campgrounds might be in a National Park, on the beach or just next to a road – you will find all the information in the booklet.


Discovery Parks provides all Travellers Autobarn customers access to their campsites at a discount rate – you will save 10%. A guide, as well as tag, will be given to you on pick-up to access the discount.


Travellers Autobarn provides you with their own app which will show you all campgrounds around Australia. It will also provide you with the information if it is a paid or free campsite. For more info about our app click here.

Have an amazing road trip adventure and check out our campervan options today!

Free Campgrounds in Australia - Travellers Autobarn

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