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Free Station Wagon & Car Hire to Alice Springs

Travellers Autobarn is offering FREE Station Wagon rentals to Alice Springs between April & May!

There is no catch – we are simply moving some of our fleet up to Alice Springs to meet the demand for car rental & sales in the Alice Springs Areas.


To receive a free Station Wagon rental to Alice Springs you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Vehicle must be picked up either out of Sydney, Brisbane or Perth
  2. You receive 10 rental days for FREE & have the option to purchase additional 10 days at $75/day
  3. Vehicle must be returned in Alice Springs by the 21st of May
  4. Vehicle can only be booked over the phone – 1800 674 374
  5. A valid Visa or MasterCard Credit Card is required on pick-up

Now is the best time to explore your own backyard and the real out back of Australia. Hire a Station Wagon today and explore the Red Centre on us! These won’t last long…call us today on 1800 674 374! *

Travellers Autobarn Stationwagon Rentals to Alice Springs

*Offer will cease once booked out

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